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I believe the best care is delivered through a collaborative, interdisciplinary team.
Let me be a part of that.

A new paradigm for health

Patients often work with me because they want to be proactive in their health but do not find the support for this through their regular care, or because they have exhausted conventional care options being told there is nothing else that can be done or that they are “healthy” despite not feeling so.  This is the unfortunate limitation of a healthcare paradigm that does not view the body holistically.  Everything about our being is interconnected and strongly influenced by our environment, providing an abundance of measures to work from.  This may include emotional wellbeing, diet, hormone balance, adrenal health, thyroid status, autoimmune factors, toxic exposures, among others. If you want answers it is time to work with a provider that does not operate from an outdated paradigm, and someone who recognizes 
the value of the holistic approach.




We’ll explore all aspects of your life and identify the health obstacles, goals, personal preferences and values that will form a health plan unique to you.


Initial Appointment

We'll discuss your health history in detail including diet and lifestyle, and I'll review any medications and supplements you may be taking. A physical exam may take place if indicated and labs may be recommended. We'll conclude with a clear plan for next steps.


Follow Up

Two to six weeks from the initial appointment we'll meet again to review any lab results, assess progress from initial recommendations, and answer any questions you may have to fine tune and implement a long-term plan.


Ongoing Support

Appointments every one to four months are recommend to ensure health progress, retest lab markers if indicated, make changes to treatment, discuss new concerns, and more. Home visits and telephone appointments available.

examples of what i can do for you



let's work together

Patients achieve the best results when their providers work together.  I have the patient time, tools, and expertise to help get your patients living a sustainable lifestyle that can decrease the need for non-essential medications and improve health outcomes.  Some of the reasons you may refer your patients to me include

  • De-prescribing support
  • Lasting diet and lifestyle changes
  • Reliable counsel on safe herb + supplement use

As a practitioner offering adjunctive care for our mutual patient, my goal is to work with you and I offer regular communication regarding treatment plans, recommendations, and progress updates.

Schedule a call with me to see how I can benefit both you and your patient, and to answer any questions you may have about naturopathic medicine or my personal practice.