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Invest in yourself by going beyond
the surface of your health

Beyond surface medicine:
A new paradigm for health

On both biochemical and emotional levels we are fascinating, layered beings and this complexity deserves time and individuation. To achieve lasting health, one must go beyond the surface of conventional medicine and investigate deeper aspects of the self – what is at the core of you, driving your wellbeing and health? My practice explores these intricacies with naturopathic and functional assessments that go beyond the basics, and by addressing emotional aspects contributing to your health.
Insider tip: it is the latter that will truly heal you.





Going beyond surface medicine includes four pillars I have identified as key to achieving sustainable health outcomes. No matter the health complaint, simple or complex, the following are incorporated into the roadmap to your health success in conjunction with targeted treatment for your specific area of concern.
This is not quick medicine.
This is transformational medicine.


Sleep. Digestion. Movement. Joy. True health cannot be achieved without the foundational pieces in place. These aspects are an essential part of any health plan and will be addressed in our work together.


The testing and tools available in this medicine is what sets it apart from conventional care, but they need to be used with a calculated, individualized strategy for the best outcomes. This is not a one-size-fits -all approach.


Physical complaints are a messenger for what is going on for us at a deeper level. Acknowledging the interplay between our mind and body is essential to healing. Emotional health is the ultimate root cause.


The right mindset is key to sustainable health and wellbeing. One must believe in themself, the healing ability of the body, and a purpose behind their health goals in order to facilitate true and lasting change.

examples of what i can do for you



Initial Intake + Strategy Session

Required for new patients
An initial 75 min appointment followed by a 45 min strategy appointment set the foundation for your health journey. Includes a deep dive into your history, in-office blood draw, detailed results review, and comprehensive treatment strategy.

$400 Initial | $300 Strategy
($700 total)


Established patients
These appointments are used to assess progress or need for changes to treatment, generally occurring every 6-8 weeks or shorter/longer based on your needs. Also appropriate for discussion of new health concerns.

$200 (<4mo since last visit)
$250 (>4mo since last visit)

Check Ins

Established patients
Appropriate for established patients for certain refill requests (e.g. hormones), simple results review, or answers to health inquiries/updates that can be succinctly addressed.


Naturopathic Consult

For individuals outside of California
Available to individuals that reside in states where access to licensed naturopathic doctors is not yet available.

$350 | 1 hour
$200 | 30 minutes


Standard Labwork

Standard bloodwork is generally covered by insurance for those with PPO plans, although individual plan coverage varies. Cash pricing for these labs generally runs $50 - $400 depending on what is tested.

Specialty Labwork

Specialty labs are not required but dive deeper into aspects of your health and can be invaluable to treatment; they have limited insurance coverage. The prices for these labs vary widely with most costing between $200-$350 each. More involved labs may cost upward of $400 each.


While I try to be conservative in their use, supplements are a part of most treatment plans, used to support your body in the healing process with the intention of discontinuing their use in the future. Long-standing, chronic conditions tend to involve more robust supplement regimens. Monthly costs for supplements generally run $25 - $200.

IV Therapies

IV therapies are sometimes the most direct treatment route, and are otherwise a nice compliment to care. If prescribed as part of targeted treatment, IV therapy is typically done 1-2x per week for 4-6 weeks, and thereafter on an as-needed basis. Prices per IV range upward of $100.