Appointments and Pricing

Initial Consult + Follow-up - $575

Required for new patients
75 minute initial appointment + standard follow-up appointment. Includes: thorough review of health history and past labs, in-office lab testing as indicated, detailed results review, comprehensive treatment plan.
Split payment option available.

Follow-Up Appointment - $200

Established patients only
Standard follow-up appointment used to assess progress or need for changes to treatment, to discuss new concerns, or to review multiple (2+) lab results. Generally 30-40min in length.

Acute Evaluations - $150

Established patients only
Appropriate for straight-forward health concerns or needs, completed within 20 minutes such as new onset acute illness , need for pelvic exam/pap smear, general wellness check-in, or for evaluation of standard blood work (e.g. Quest, LabCorp) or one specialty lab.

15 Phone minute appointment - $90

Appropriate for established patients for certain prescription refill requests, desire for a second opinion, simple health question, etc.

Appropriate for IV consults for non-established patients

Supplement Evaluation - $75

Coming soon
For those looking to streamline or upgrade their supplement regimen. Submit a form detailing up to 8 supplements and receive an evaluation of the utility and quality of each. Medical advice is not provided.

Telehealth Consults

For individuals that reside
outside of California
No medical advice is provided, however, insight is offered regarding supplements, diet, lifestyle, and other aspects of health from my perspective as an integrative medicine and naturopathic clinician.

60 minutes $280
30 minutes $180

Additional Costs

Standard Labwork

Standard bloodwork is generally covered by insurance for those with PPO plans, although individual plan coverage varies. Cash pricing for these labs generally runs $50 - $400 depending on what is tested.

Specialty Labwork

Specialty labs are not required but dive deeper into aspects of your health and can be invaluable to treatment; they have limited insurance coverage. The prices for these labs vary widely with most costing between $150-$400 each. More involved labs may cost upward of $500 each.


While I try to be conservative in their use, supplements are a part of most treatment plans, used to support your body in the healing process with the intention of discontinuing their use in the future. Long-standing, chronic conditions tend to involve more robust supplement regimens. Monthly costs for supplements generally run $25 - $200.

IV Therapies

IV therapies are sometimes the most direct treatment route, and are otherwise a nice compliment to care. As part of targeted treatment, IV therapy is typically done 1-2x per week for 4-6 weeks, and thereafter on an as-needed basis. Prices per IV range upward of $100.