IV Services

Intravenous Nutrient Therapies

Early in my career I thought IV nutrient therapy (IVNT) was useless and a waste of money -“expensive urine” as skeptics, once myself, say. And it can be if not indicated or formulated appropriately, but as part of the healing process whether short or long term, I have seen IVNT have profound effects on recovery and symptom relief.  Below are a number of common IVNT options available at my West Hollywood location, which can be customized to your needs

Standard immune-supportive formula of vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.  Drip time 30-45 minutes

The ultimate healthy high – magnesium + glycine.  Feel immediate and lasting relaxation with this 30-45 minute drip.

Basic IV with additional nutrients targeted to support you needs, formulated specifically for you the day of your drip:

  • post-procedural: promotes tissue healing and decreases inflammation
  • post-workout: supports energy and muscle recovery
  • post-party: supports the liver, brain, mood, and energy 

NAD+ is used in ATP (energy) production and many metabolic processes. This is an incredibly energizing and supportive IV, especially for the brain, heart, muscle and other mitochondrial-dense tissues.    An NAD+ IV starts at $250 for 100mg of NAD in the Basic IV base with the addition of amino acids.  Each additional 100mg of NAD+ is $100, up to 300mg total.  Drip time 60-180 minutes depending on NAD+ concentration.  Note: NAD+ can be administered in concentrations greater than 300mg, but due to the time required to drip this IV, larger concentrations cannot be administered without prior approval and an additional cost for the increased drip time.  Please inquire if you are interested in NAD infusions above 300mg.  

Energizing and supportive, POLY-MVA® is a proprietary blend of lipoic acid, minerals, and b vitamins that helps fuel and support cellular metabolism.

For those with iron deficiency, Venofer® is a safe iron replacement therapy to help directly replenish iron stores when oral supplementation is not enough.  Recipients must have recent documentation (lab work) verifying low iron status.  A 15-miute appointment is required for those that do not have prescribed IV iron orders from a provider legally able to do so. Drip time: 45-60 min

Meyers cocktail – a mini version of the Basic IV.  Drip time 15-30 mins.

25g Vitamin C for $125; each additional 5g = $15, up to 100g total.  Must have G6PD status for drips above 25g.  This testing is available at the office for $35 (lab draw fee waived if receiving an IV after testing).

If you have been prescribed vitamin C drips for cancer support, please see the Cancer Support page for package pricing.

Chelators help to remove metals in the body and are used when there are potential detrimental levels within tissues, such as can occur with mercury from heavy fish intake or other environmental exposures.  High levels of heavy metals can affect cognition, immune system function, intestinal health, kidney function, nerve health, metabolism, and more. There is also growing evidence that certain chelation regimens can help reverse cardiovascular disease.  A full appointment and workup will be needed with Dr. Bull to discuss if a chelation regimen is right for you, unless you have recent orders from another licensed provider.

For established patients only.  Please see my ketamine services page.

Nutrients that can be added to any IV drip.  Some nutrients can be added directly to the Basic drip, others are a stand alone push.

  • Glutathione, antioxidant powerhouse – $75
  • Extra vitamin C (up to 25g) – $15 per 5g
  • Extra zinc or magnesium – $20
  • Amino acids (blend) – $35 per 100cc
  • Amino acids (singular) – $20
  • Homeopathics – $25 each Homeopathics are available to help with inflammation, tissue recovery, headaches, body pain, energy, and extra immune support.
  • B12: $18
  • B12 + B Complex: $25
  • Iron: $50
  • NAD: $20 ea or $180 for 10
  • Peptides: varies

Receive your IV at home, work, or wherever you may be (within 45 minutes drive time from West Hollywood, CA).  Cost of IV plus

  • $300 for the first two hours 
  • $50 extra each additional person (up to 9 for drips within 60min)
  • $100/hr beyond two hours (may be prorated)

Event Rates (injections, IVs) for gathering of 10+ people, base rate of

  • $750 for 2 hours
  • $1200 for 4 hours 
  • $2000 for the day
  • plus cost of supplies/IVs depending on event structure. Generous discounts provided depending on number of people.

Low dose ozone, 10-pass (high dose) ozone, and ozone dialysis (EBOO) available.  If not an established patient, a 15-minute appointment is required to receive orders for these therapies.