Licensed Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Meredith Bull


BEYOND surface medicine

If you are wanting more for yourself and your health, welcome! It is time to discover the wealth of knowledge and empowerment available to you when you move beyond surface medicine and truly get to know what is at the core of you and your health.

Surface Medicine

The basics you are used to. Your conventional providers help to ensure you are meeting standard health checkpoints and needs. Important to have on board, it barely touches the surface of your health.


Someone wanting to be proactive in their health, seeking answers and care beyond the status quo, and willing to explore and engage in all facets of wellbeing. Someone wanting more when it comes to health and life.

Beyond Surface Medicine

Guidance into the deeper aspects of yourself, physical and emotional, through in-depth functional assessments and acknowledgment of the mind-body connection. What true healthcare really is, and should be.



Health is incredibly multi-faceted – every piece beautifully interconnected with a unique story to tell. Yet, the current medical model compartmentalizes our bodies, standardizes treatment into a “one-size fits all” approach, and ultimately strips us of our innate wisdom. 

Naturopathic medicine is different, my approach is different, and I will help guide you to clarity and control of your health. 


My office is located within Infuse Wellness Center. Please reach out with any questions and to schedule an appointment or FREE 15 minute consultation below. 

Santa Monica